Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2014 Color of the Year- PLUM

 SW6271 Expressive Plum

Exclusive Plum
Color Combo - Browns and Plums  I love every entry here but especially this one because it has black integrated too 
Lily, reminds me of Georgia O'keefe


 pretty purple mason jar filled with pink flowers

sophisticatedI love the plum and mustard combination, the textures, and art on the ledge... Photos Krista Keltanen  Published in Kotivinkki magazine
great combo colors

Cream and Plum Dining Room

richard shapiro... back to back sofas with table between
If you need help establishing your own color palette, contact me to help you create flow in your home. Admitting you need help is the first step in transforming your home and life!

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  1. I absolutely adore this shade paired with crisp white and soft grey.