Friday, October 28, 2011

Glove Art

This collection is from Carol Fertig's Object Lesson
In 2004 artist Susie MacMurray created a beautiful sculptural form using latex gloves. She called the piece “A Mixture of Frailties” which was exhibited at The Museum of Arts & Design in New York City .
It is amazing to think that everyday objects can create something so lovely and interesting.

Glove Wreath

Paul Villinski collects stray gloves, he weaves and then hand-stitches them to create art. The wings are textural and dimensional, a conversation piece for sure. Definitely something for those who love the winged angel theme.

textural vessels made out of gloves by Paul Villinski

Worked in the “feminine” technique and materials of stitching textiles it commemorates the concealed suffering of the artist’s grandmother and her generation who lost their brothers, sons, lovers fiancĂ©es and husbands in WWI.

The color here is so rich and divine.

via life hacks go here if you want info
Gloves have been many things, highly ornamental, a sign of status and distinction and last but not least a form of protection. In the 10th century the glove became meaningful as a token; it became a custom to fling a gauntlet at the feet of the adversary, thereby challenging his integrity and inviting satisfaction by dual. The glove to challenge personal battle became and remained an integral part of English law for nearly 800 years. It was a right any free man could claim.

The glove as repurposed art will be sure to leave its mark.


  1. I realy admire those who can create works of art from something so simple.

    I will be wearing my favorite gloves (black leather with white rabbit lining) when we spend Thanksgiving at Colonial Williamsburg. What are your plans?

  2. Look forward to your posts about Williamsburg!

  3. Great post! Also see:

    1. Ellen, my last thought, "The glove as re-purposed art will be sure to leave its mark." couldn't be more true in your case! Thanks for stopping by. Karen

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