Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mega Greige, Anjou Pear a la LAZY BOY

John and Jane Colorless have not one but two homes. They were here in the desert southwest decorating their other home in Seattle.
this is what they brought me to work with

They like color and pattern and were unusual because they agreed.... On everything.
 (Don't like brown walls) THE ZOE ROOM BY LAZYBOY

I think they were so in sync because they were here in the desert, selecting color for Seattle, thousands of miles away from the Emerald City. You see desert air and warm sun can lull you into a vacation coma so bad that everything sounds good. For paint we arrived at a mega greige for the flow color, and anjou pear as an accent.

I also suggested that they paint their current fireplace black and repeat the gold and black in art, vases, throws and pillows.

This k-mart pillow is where you get the low in high-low decorating! Wouldn't it go great on the sofa.

love the chevron here
comfy knitted poof here
John and Jane Colorless left the color studio with griege and pear color-thoughts swimming in their heads. It was a happy color story ending.

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