Sunday, May 13, 2012

York Wallpaper goes a bit Peter Max!

wallpaper is now! with bright optimistic vision, York's 
is colorful, playful and lively, with bold lines and forms, take a look

love that it is made in the USA

playful!did you notice the flower on the pillow and the roses mimic the outline of the lip,clever repetition which helps in unifying the design so it's cohesive.use this element!

pinks and reds on foil

here the cut-work on the carved mirror repeats the cut out petals

ah, the choices

all that glittery goodness!

60's mod with a nod to mies


again, York doesn't miss with the circular motif of the face repeated in the light fixture,rug and chair, this paper has a Pete Max quality to me


Beethoven by Peter Max

Lautrec by Peter Max 

flash back to Peter Max by Julia Kay here
the lines of this are reminiscent of the "curves ahead" paper above

computer chip or subway way map? so graphic with nail head trim and tufting picking of the rhythm

these are vibrant in person like Peter Max art

Peter Max

York,modern-large scale hounds-tooth

a slightly different take on leopard

leopard inspired by the Peter Max below?

more Peter Max 

lines and curves all the way

one more for graphic-comparison!

Peter Max-oh so graphic 

my Mom, a graphic vintage 60's shot,excellent repetition in the dress fabric, pearl earrings-necklace and wall of plans

kiss-kiss and Happy Mother's Day!

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  1. Love that photo of your mom!

    I have to say that some of the wallpaper left me thinking "Aluminum foil and lipstick". But I do love Peter Max.

    We need to stay in our area due to orthodontists, hubby's work, sports, church, boy scouts, etc. Or believe me I would look outside the housing box here. :)

    Can you do lunch anytime this week?