Sunday, November 13, 2011

Brass Accents Feel Fresh

Everyone I know has ripped all the brass out of their homes and replaced it with oil rubbed bronze and satin nickel finishes, right?

oil rubbed bronze

satin nickel
I did not. I still have my builder grade brass tone knobs and hinges and further more two years ago I purchased for both bathrooms antique brass towel rods and fixtures.

brass tone knobs on my lovely dark doors

I love the look of brass and gold tone and did not feel the urge to go with current status quo. About a month ago I was again shopping fixtures and noticed the ones I chose(below) were no longer available. I thought to myself I guess those are truly a thing of the past and at that moment I loved what I had even more as it became more unique.

                       Then, about a month ago I started noticing  more hardware in gold tones.
This speaks volumes to me
Gold tone everything!

love it
          Long story short, I feel that now is the turning point, the gold is starting to re-appear.
this lovely brass pull was found for a song!

Nothing really goes away in interior design; it just cycles back around with a fresh twist to make it FEEL new. Brass accents feel refreshing and chic. Will everyone soon be ripping out there oil rubbed bronze and satin nickel hardware?



Gold Tone Curtain Rod-beautiful!

my own gold tone rod
FYI............ brass hardware is a growing trend for drapery hardware as well. I already have mine and love it. It is always best to have what you love and not be a slave to trends. For some, this is easier said than done. Come on.......have confidence in your own style!

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  1. I for one have ALWAYS preferred gold over silver. Both to wear and to decorate with.

    For the record, the brushed nickel hardware in my bath...hate it when mixed with the hard water of AZ. :)