Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Afraid of COLOR

I just made a new friend, her name is Janet and she is over at
She did a post on what she calls a tiny problem, adding color to her beautiful home. When you see her home you will note she has a lot of style & grace; fear of color is not evident. Her scale and texture really add to the great look and feel of her home. It is strange to  hear her say she is afraid of color as she has made some bold & brave choices where some would have caved and gone beige. 
Janet @ the gardener's cottage
Color! Dazzling, delicious, seductive color! We do love color, don’t we? And yet, using brilliant color successfully can be quite tricky. And viola! Janet is very successful as is evident in this photo.Here’s the most important thing to remember: While color may be one of your highest priorities for eliciting an emotional response as noted in this room it is the saturation of the non-color, the taupish brown on the walls that becomes the most important element. The wall color elevates the the pieces in her room and makes the true color she does have i.e. the red pillow and blue vase sing! She has high contrast and this is usually pleasing to the eye when it involves beautiful non color neutrals.The response here is pure warmth, sophistication and calm.

Janet@ the gardener's cottage         

 Janet has created a signature style of using non colors, neutrals- black/white/ taupe in a timeless classic way and then adds her signature pops of red. I don't think she has any problems and has a style that most would envy. Check out her blog here and she will captivate you with her writing and  her style!


  1. hahaha, you didn't waste any time did you? i love a woman of action!

    well you are way, way too kind in your comments re my home. i am afraid or usually displeased when i do add color. but you make a lot of sense in your discussion about texture and saturation. i will think about this some more. thank you very much again for addressing my small problem!


  2. Oh I always love discovering a new blog. Thanks for the tip!