Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Green for Me

Schuyler Samperton, so cozy,yes!
I realize honeysuckle pink is the color of the year but it seems to me green will trend more into favor. It may not beat out the gray we are seeing but green will make a statement. Green has always been my number one choice. As a teenager I hoped to get green contacts, that never happened! Green is organic and fresh and can be warm as well as cool. It is a one of the most versatile colors to use. In the color studio, I enjoy the moment when the client pulls the ubiquitous pink toned beige and then I pull a much nicer green undertone beige and the client is so amazed at  how great it is. You see,  colors in the paint store  masquerade and confound. Color chips, swatches and samples at home confuse........ this is why you may need help establishing your personal interior or exterior color palette. Contact me, KAREN to help you create flow in your home. Deciding you need help is the first step in transforming your home and life!

 Painted trim adds a lot of interest and continues the the line theme in the chair fabric. 

Green as accent livens the kitchen and feels clean & fresh.

              Jadeite is simply the best.

Ficus lyrata (fiddle leaf fig)

Exceptional house plant for its color, texture, form and ability to bring some organic life into a space. Mine is really easy to take care of  and is happy as long as it is near a window as in this shot.

 Cool and clean is the idea in this laundry room.
I love a nice color on a front door. I get disappointed when a client colorizing an  Exterior repaint either cannot paint the front door an accent color due to HOA constraints or the client simply does not get the value in accenting the door with a beautiful color,what a great opportunity missed!

Again, if you need a second opinion or complete consultation I  am here with lots of experience and knowledge to help you get the right colors and the correct placement. Contact me for a beautiful home that you will treasure.

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  1. Oh green for me too!!!!

    Missed you last weekend. I have family here from England through Monday but then give me a call. Hubby is away for a long while. It's time to work on your speech. :)