Friday, January 28, 2011

Antiqueing: How to train your eyes

I can find just about anything I am looking for in one of those huge Antique Malls that were once a grocery store. Do you have any of these in your hometown?   MY GROCERY TURNED ANTIQUE SPOT
 I usually go to these places searching for something that I specifically need like a chair or decor item of a certain shape or color. I don't go in to browse. I always have a purpose and I want to achieve my goal as quickly as possible. It is like a game, only I am the only player. I have a mental check list of what the characteristics are that I am looking for i.e the color red, or wood or plates or specific shapes and sizes. By doing this you weed out all other things looming large in your line of vision and tugging at brain to see what they are or how much they cost.

My movement is quick, my eyes rove so fast, I start at the very top of the ceiling and look at the shelves and then scan, stop, scan, scan my eyes racing over every item in the booth from top to bottom. At the bottom shelf scan, scan and then scan some more and lift open  a few boxes for possible hidden things.
Some times I get a lot of exercise squatting to look underneath dressers and flipping over rug corners looking for prices. I open drawers too, they hold things some shoppers have hidden! I always keep moving, reminding myself that I am on a time limit and the thing I am searching for might be in the next booth so hurry through this booth. It's kind of like a "great race" with myself inside that grocery turned antique gold mine. I have shopped in thrift stores and antique shops my whole life and I think this is why I don't feel like I am missing anything when I don't stop to see all the things. I have the attitude to just find that one special something that I need and then get out! When my kids were little they hated the thrift store, the smell drove them to complain. I think this is when I perfected the hunt. My little complainers were not going to keep me from getting the goods!
Happy Hunting!

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